What it is…
The Tuttington Cloud is a free service provided by the Tuttington Hub to allow regular users to conveniently upload and download files of relevance to the Village. It is mainly for use by people who have a connection with Tuttington. For example, you might want to upload photos of a village event for others to look at or have items you want to put into the village historical archive. We can also offer a backup solution for village documents (eg meeting minutes of village organisations etc). Remember a backup is not a backup unless you have at least three copies in different places!

What it is not…
The Tuttington Cloud is not a personal or private file storage and backup facility. It does not have all the bells and whistles of Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud. Please do not use it as a repository for inappropriate or illegal content. Encrypted files are possible but only with the permission of the Hub Team – we may ask to see what is encrypted. The Tuttington Cloud will be moderated and managed by the Tuttington Hub Team.

Please see our Privacy and Copyright Policies for more details.

Please note. When uploading a file, it takes a minute or so to appear on the list.

This is a new venture by us so please be patient if things go wrong. Contact us through this link to let us know if you have any problems or suggestions.

This is the main part of the Tuttington Cloud and is open to all members who have subscribed to the Tuttington Circle. Please follow the adjacent links here (or this link) to get to the file share area. You will need to use the password you were sent when you subscribed to the Tuttington Circle.

Area for restricted access groups

To get access to this area you need to be a registered member of the Tuttington Circle

If you are a committee member of one of these groups and wish to get access to the restricted area, please contact us and we will pass on your request to the organiser who will provide access details. Do you have a village group you would like to add to the Cloud? Get in touch with us at the Hub. If you have access permissions, please click one of the links below: