Community Info

Village Groups

The Tutts (Tuttington Together)

  • We organise a range of activities and events in the village aimed to involve and benefit all of the residents of Tuttington.
  • Our events include the village Big Night Out, the Summer Picnic, the Village Green Christmas Tree, the biennial Open Gardens event and the Village Horticultural Show.
  • We are always looking to expand our activities and invite anyone in the village to get involved – new ideas for future events are especially welcome.
  • Funds raised by our activities are used to benefit the village directly or to help local charities especially those with a connection to Tuttington.
  • Village projects we support include developing a social space in the church for everyone in the village, building a collection of useful resources such as marquees, tables and chairs etc, raising the profile of Tuttington, and anything that promotes community spirit in the village.

Please follow this link to contact David for more info.

Friends of Tuttington Church

  • Our group welcomes all residents in Tuttington who have an interest in preserving, using and developing our medieval church of St Peter and St Paul.
  • We are financially responsible for the general maintenance of the building, insurance, electricity, and any similar costs.
  • We raise funds either from outside bodies or in partnership with village groups such as the Tutts.
  • We organise activities such as the Tuttington History Evening, Carol singing on the Village green, regular coffee mornings and events for Open Churches week. We also run a second-hand bookshop in the church.
  • We aim to promote Tuttington church as a focal point of our village heritage for the many visitors we welcome including cyclists, walkers, tourists, and people of all ages.
  • We hope to develop a growing village exhibition and archive celebrating 1000 years of Tuttington history.
  • We want to encourage the widest possible use of the church to benefit the community and welcome involvement and suggestions from all residents in the village.
  • Get in touch through these links with Jan or June if you would like to know more or get involved.

Village Resources

Tuttington Village Green

The Village Green is an asset for Tuttington residents to enjoy.

Please keep our Village Green tidy

Be considerate towards local residents

Please Note: General use of the Village Green is on the basis of at your own risk.

Small organised events involving Tuttington residents and their guests are possible on the Village Green but these should be arranged in consultation with the Parish Council. Events must be covered by appropriate insurance. Some events are covered by Parish Council insurance. Please contact the Parish Clerk for more information. Forms and further information about organising small events on Tuttington Village Green can be downloaded by following these links:

Village Green Small Event Information

Risk Assessment Form

Sue Lake,
Parish Clerk
Email the Parish Clerk

Items to borrow or hire for use within the village:

  • Picnic chairs
  • Picnic tables
  • Picnic marquee

Please contact contact Jan Lodge for further information

Other Utilities

For emergencies, go to the HELP! page by following this link

If you have a problem with your land line and your provider is BT, call 0800 800 150 for assistance or use this weblink.
If you use a different service provider for your landline, report any problems to them.


Tuttington has fibre-enabled broadband and most residents should get download speeds of up to 70 MB per second. However, the exact speed you get at your house depends on your distance from the Openreach fibre-enabled cabinet which is cabinet No 25 located at the edge of the village green in Tuttington.The speed you get will also depend upon the quality of the line between the cabinet and your house.

If you have a problem with your broadband connection, call your Internet Service Provider.

Between 2023 and 2025 the fibre service in Tuttington is expected to be upgraded to full-fibre (FFTP- fibre to the premises) so higher download speeds can be expected. You can find out more about this for your property by following this link.

Wheelie bins

For information about collection days, follow this link.

Septic tanks and treatment plants

These are things the residents of rural Norfolk have to put up with. When they go wrong, it’s not much fun. But help is at hand if you follow this link.