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Second round of consultations on possible new housing developments around Aylsham.

The Greater Norwich Local Plan is being developed by a collaborative group including Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council. Its aim to to produce a plan to support economic and housing development – whilst protecting the environment – in the districts around Norwich.

This includes Aylsham and its surrounding villages. Under the so-called ” Regulation 18″ site proposals, stage A consultation ran between January and March 2018 and sites for future housing development were identified. In our area, an additional 1000 houses have been proposed on the eastern side of Aylsham (but to the west of the A140) and another 1000 new houses around Marsham. No planning applications have yet been granted for the new developments.

One of the problems identified with the Aylsham development was the under-capacity of the Angian Water sewerage works, the entrance of which is just to the north of the M&S roundabout. The sewerage works feeds treated effluent into the Bure which then flows through our neighbouring village of Burgh.

The Second Round of Consultations

The second round of consultations (Round B) began on 29th October 2018 and runs until 14th December 2018. This round adds some additional information to the previous proposals but it also offers the possibility for local residents to have their say. Additional development sites were identified in both Aylsham and Marsham but both have constraints affecting the viability of the plans. If you want to see more about the proposals you can download Stage A and Stage B (The PDF files will take a moment to download). If you want to be a part of the consultation process follow this link. Another way to make your views known is by talking to a Parish Councillor by finding their details here.

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