What Rubbish?

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Last weekend, a team of hardy volunteers from Tuttington – and two brave folk from Burgh – ventured forth around our lanes in search of rubbish. Careless people, most likely from passing cars, having strewn all manner of items along the local road verges thereby despoiling our rural idyll.

But our villagers were not to be beaten as they set off on a windy morn in all directions to pick the litter with their litter-picker thingies provided by Aylsham Town Council who also furnished our workers with hi-vis vests, gloves and bin bags.

They marched through Tuttington, along Norwich Road and Aylsham Road, Beck Lane, Common Lane and Wood Lane filling their bags as they went. At the end of the day, they had accumulated enough waste to fill 20 large bin bags. What a messy lot of visitors come through this way.


Photo of Jackie showing David and Ruth what she had learnt at the last keyhole surgery evening class she attended in Burgh Reading Room.

And the contents of the bags tell their own story – not least about the littering folk themselves. Amongst the rubbish collected was found:

-part of the front of a car
-a microwavable pressure cooker
-nappies (not new)
-lots of sets of witches knickers caught up in the hedgerows
-a collection of Reeses peanut butter cup wrappers strewn along the verge
-two French lettuce (I think that’s what they said)
-lots of empty alcohol spirit bottles
-empty cans of G&T and Jack Daniels and Coke
-20 bottles of …er… urine (presumably from the drink drivers passing our way)
-and only one empty fag packet. At least some bad habits are on the wane.

It’s amazing how much personal evidence the litter louts leave behind which is surprising considering the maximum fine for littering is £2500!

But we should really be thanking the village volunteers for their hard work:

Jan and Graham, Jane, David and Jackie, Cheryl, Ruth, Jane and Bob, Mary and partner from Burgh, and not forgetting Barney.

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