Crowning glory

The terrible recent events in Ukraine have concerned us all. One consequence of such a conflict has been the displacement of millions of refugees into the neighbouring countries of eastern Europe. There has been an upsurge of support for the refugees from all over the country, and few have done more locally than the good folk, our neighbours at the Banningham Crown. 

Using crowdfunding, help from volunteers and the collection of a vast array of food, clothing and other essential items, the team at the Banningham Crown headed up by Simon Feneron have organised a fleet of vans to take aid from Banningham to Ukraine. After collecting, sorting and boxing the many items, local volunteers have then driven vans packed with goods across Europe to the borders of the war-torn country to deliver the much-needed aid.
Few of us can imagine what it is like to be in such a situation – and lets hope none of us are – but the provision of help for refugees such as that shown by our neighbours in Banningham and the many local volunteers and providers of aid items, including those from Tuttington, has been nothing less than a life-saver.  We salute them and all their good work!
Volunteers in the Aid for Ukraine marquee at the Banningham Crown
Vans at the Crown ready to go to eastern Europe to deliver aid to refugees from the Ukraine conflict