Stay at home to save lives – says the government

This message could not be more stark as new restrictions on individuals and households are announced in an attempt to stem the tide of coronavirus infections sweeping the country.

Being in a rural area we might feel we are relatively safe but the sunny weather has brought many visitors to our beautiful county and with it the increased risk that more people will pass on the virus.

Understandably, it will take a few days for people to get to grips with the new restrictions but they have been brought in for very good reason. The police have powers to enforce the rules and they have said they will not hesitate to use them if their initial attempts at persuasion and encouragement fall on deaf ears.

Here is a summary of the new restrictions (from 24 March 2020):

  • You are asked to stay in your home for most of the time
  • You may leave home to exercise yourself (or your dog, horse etc) once a day
  • You can go out to shop for essentials or collect medicines but do so as little as possible
  • You should not be meeting up with friends, and avoid meeting other family members of more than two people. Keep in touch by phone or internet
  • Work from home unless absolutely necessary
  • Avoid contact with anyone showing coronavirus symptoms (fever, new continuous dry cough)
  • If you have to be in places where there are people other than your household, keep at least 2 metres away from them
  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds

The restrictions will last for three weeks in the first instance and then reviewed and modified as necessary.

A healthy dose of common sense will be needed to apply the rules to each person’s individual circumstances. But, the general rule is that the more people you come into contact with, and the closer you get, the more likely it is that the virus will be passed on.

Keep watching the news on the tele for the latest information.

If you feel isolated in Tuttington or Burgh and need help shopping or getting a prescription, please contact the Parish Council volunteers for help by pressing the
Big Red Button on the front page of the Tuttington Hub

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