Fly-tip 2

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Many of you will have noticed the fly-tipped rubbish in the lay-by along the Norwich Road, lately. Was it a plane? Was it Superman? The answer is neither. Just bits of an old car, some hairspray cans and tyre inflation aerosol cans.

Fortunately, public spirited resident Jane cleared up the mess and took it to the North Walsham waste recycling centre for disposal. While putting the fly-tippings into the back of her car, Jane became concerned that any passers-by might think she was herself fly-tipping rather than the opposite! So far, she has not had anyone calling to ask her to help them with their enquiries.

Always be cautious about rubbish left by fly-tippers as it could contain hazardous materials. Seek advice if you are unsure.

Further information on what to do about fly-tipped rubbish can be found here on the Tuttington Hub.

Thanks go to Alan for the photo.

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