Tornadoes close to Tuttington

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Tuttington residents who use Google might have casually strayed from the green fields of Norfolk to the prairies of Oklahoma to discover another Tuttington. But our US counterpart has very different weather from us as each year it stares down both barrels of tornado alley.

Location of Tuttington, Oklahoma in the USA

Just south of Oklahoma city in the mid-western US state of Oklahoma is a district called Tuttington. Not much more than a couple of streets of attractive, detached residential houses, Tuttington OK looks like every movie-goers view of suburban USA. It is located between Will Rogers World Airport and the town of Moore.

A leafy street of Tuttington, OK

But, Moore is famous or perhaps infamous as the epicentre of some of the most devastating tornado visitations in recent US meteorological history. Two particularly damaging tornado events occurred in 1999 and 2013, respectively, being of the highest category F5 tornadoes. They caused significant human tragedy and much damage especially to residential property.

Tracks of devastating tornadoes passing in recent years over the town of Moore near Tuttington, Oklahoma.
Destruction of a residential street by a tornado just south of Oklahoma City
An F5 tornado at Bridge Creek, less than 10 km from Tuttington, OK in 1999

We often complain about the weather here in Norfolk but we should feel for the people who live close to our namesake community in the US and be thankful for our more clement climate.

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