Tuttington remembers VE Day

It is with mixed emotions that we remember major world events such as that celebrated on May 8th 2020. Seventy five years ago, Europe was liberated from the Nazi scourge which at one time threatened to engulf the whole world. Liberation came at enormous cost in lives lost and families changed forever, and it is this we must always remember first.

VE Day was also a time of celebration but since we are not exactly in ‘normal’ times right now, any celebration is muted by the knowledge too of lives lost and families changed in the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Across the country, the lockdown has meant that the street parties that had originally been planned have had to be scaled back. Here in Tuttington, “Stay at Home” tea parties took place in the gardens of many residents and the photos of the event were sent by participants to the Tuttington Hub.

VE Day 75