Relaxation of Lockdown rules

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A relaxation of some of the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown rules begins on Monday 1st June 2020. This will affect all of us and enable us to meet up with friends and family even though social distancing remains.

The large group of vulnerable people with certain health conditions – who have so far been asked to remain in their homes – will be able to go outside but certain restrictions will still be in place.

For most other people the rules are changing to enable us to meet up outdoors with up to six others from different households but still maintaining the social distancing of two meters.

It will also be possible to go to outdoor markets and car showrooms in addition to the other outdoor places already permitted.  It is still not allowed for people to visit friends or family from different households in their own homes, stay overnight away from home, use an outdoor gym or meet up in groups of more than six people.

We are still being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. For further details about what you can and cannot do, follow the news or go to the government website by following this link.

Most people know what it’s like to have a viral infection such as the flu. But, Covid-19 seems different and presents a bit more of a problem. As more evidence emerges, it seems that many more people might be getting infected than was originally thought but show no symptoms while another group get very ill indeed. Managing this situation will be very challenging for the foreseeable future until some effective treatment is developed.

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