Thanks from the N&N

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The Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity have written a note of thanks to the villagers of Tuttington who recently made a donation to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The sum of £93.52 was raised at the Carols on the Village Green event held just before Christmas, 2021.

NICU looks after new-born babies who need extra care or treatment during their early days of life. Amongst the items that charitable donations help to provide are new warming blankets like the Astropad Patient Warming System. These can be wrapped around babies while they are sleeping, being held by their parents, or during treatment such as phototherapy for perinatal jaundice. NICU said that thanks to charitable donations, they are able to buy eight of the blankets to support the babies in their care.
The thank-you letter to Tuttington from NICU, and more information of the warming blankets can be downloaded by following this link.