Dredging up old problems

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Tuttington residents – especially those living down Common Lane – will be pleased to see the dredging work completed in that pesky ditch near to the junction with Banningham Road.

Norfolk County Council Highways recently dug out the whole length of the ditch. This included the area around the culvert which diverts the flood water draining off Common Lane into the field ditch taking the water eventually into Kings Beck.

The culvert will need an annual poke to clear away leaves and other debris. But, since our parish council (that’s the Burgh and Tuttington Parish Council) seem to be on the case, we can no doubt leave the job in their capable hands.

While we are heaping praise upon our Councils, lets not forget that the our County Council seem to be doing a great job with the Weavers’ Way refurb too.


Anybody know what that funny blue thing with the gold circle is on the refurb notice?

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