Consultations galore!

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It’s good we’re asked our opinion when things are about to happen. Let’s hope they listen. But, after the Greater Norwich Local Plan consultation announced recently, we have two more to contemplate. Here’s a chance to let them know what you think.

Vattenfall Windfarm

First, there’s the new Vattenfall project called Boreas. This might sound like the latest James Bond film but it’s actually a new wind farm off the East Anglian coast. A similar project called Vanguard is also planned, planting those giant turbines on a different bit of marine real estate.

Wind turbines from both projects need to get the electricity they generate onto land and then into the National Grid for us to use. Landfall is near Happisburgh and the cabling corridor contractors will march east across Norfolk. Its nearest point to us is just north of Banningham. The cables cross King’s Beck and it’s tributaries east of Colby.

The Vattenfall consultation is now open and ends on 9th December 2018. If you are concerned about traffic or possible problems for King’s Beck heading our way find out more about the consultation here.

Norwich Western Link Consultation

Now the Northern Distributor Road is finished it has been renamed the Broadland Northway. There are some who have wondered what is the point of this road which ends mysteriously just beyond Taverham Garden Centre.

Things will become clearer now the proposed routes to complete the link back to the A47 west of Norwich have been published. This will mean there will be a choice of roads to take to bypass Norwich either north or south.

The consultation – open between 26th November 2018 and 18th January 2019 – sets out the four possible routes, their costs and expected traffic loads. For us, hidden far away in remote Tuttington, this might not seem to matter much.

In fact the choice of route will likely make little difference to us. But, completion of a new, relatively fast route for traffic arriving at the outskirts of Norwich from national starting points will make travel to North Norfolk much easier than before. This could up the pressure on Aylsham and district to increase provision of new housing locally. If you are concerned, talk to your parish councillor.

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