Wheelie bin collection calendar changes

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The way in which Broadland and South Norfolk District Councils advertise bin collection days has changed. And it has become more personalised.

If you access bin collection times online there are now two methods to get the info you require.

First, there is a new app which can be downloaded from your mobile phone or tablet provider’s App Store. Type in ‘bin collections broadland’, select the app, download and install it and follow the instructions. It will ask you to start typing in your address and when it appears, select it and that’s it. The app will show you which is your next collection and should also remember you for the next time you open the app.

The other way to find out the bin collection times plus more useful information is first go to the District Council website by following this link. Enter your postcode, select your address and your district council dashboard will open. This not only provides you with your next bin collection info but lots more about your property, your district councillors, and more about your locality. Seems to be something of an improvement.