Bubbles for support

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The latest government pronouncement on the Coronavirus pandemic has introduced us all to the ‘Support Bubble’. The purpose of this new feature is to enable people who have been isolated during the Lockdown on their own or as a single parent to meet people who they do not live with.

The idea is that you will be able to make a support bubble with another household so you can to meet up with them either indoors or out.

During any such support bubble meetings, you do not need to stay 2 metres apart. This contrasts with meeting up to 6 people outside of your home where the 2 metre restriction still applies.

There are still quite a few restrictions and people who are shielding cannot form a bubble.

For full details follow this link for the government advice on support bubbles.

If you find that confusing, best look at your newspaper for a simpler interpretation such as this produced by the Manchester Evening News.

But, there is one form of bubbles we are still not able to get support from…that found in the local pub!