Get the jab!

C’mon, admit it, you’ve broken Lockdown. Well, most of us probably have bent the rules a bit. Even so, the lockdown is working across the area and the country for the most part although some places just outside of our region still seem to be having a few problems.

The last year has not been easy for anyone and a lot harder for some. There is a chink of light at the end of a long tunnel but we’re not home and dry yet.

Social distancing is the simplest way to avoid infection but we can’t exist in isolated bubbles forever. So now, it is important that we take up the invitation to have the jab when we are contacted over the coming weeks. Vaccination will be the most effective means to find our way out of this current bind long term.

In the short term, the ever-increasing proportion of the population being vaccinated will help prevent or reduce the impact of any third wave of infections that might be coming our way.

Eventually, we all just might have to get used to an annual jab to keep on top of any new Covid variants turning up. Regular vaccination could well become the new normal.

There has been much discussion recently about a possible link between taking the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and a rare type of blood clot. The medical agencies all say that the incidence of these possible side-effects is extremely rare. For most people, the risks from catching Covid if you are not vaccinated are very much greater than rare side-effects from taking the vaccine. If you have concerns, contact your local healthcare provider.

Millions of people have had the jab with only mild or moderate side-effects. The side-effects people experience indicate that our immune system is recognising the vaccine and starting to fight back by making antibodies. You are at greater risk – from Covid itself – if you don’t have the jab.

If you are concerned, or fall into one of those groups recommended not to be vaccinated, talk to your GP for advice.

Further information can be found on the Government Coronavirus website reached by following this link.